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Today's treatment mechanics and diagnostic technology should enable an orthodontist to achieve optimal outcomes for the majority of patients. The GAC Clinical Alliance for Research and Education (GCARE) program's clinical courses can show you how.

 Complete Clinical Orthodontics


Complete Clinical Orthodontics (CCO) is a significant step forward in orthodontics. Not a radical new technique or technology, but a unique way to treat each and every case to achieve the most successful clinical outcome for the individual patient, CCO brings together the brightest minds and ideas in orthodontics to impact control, predictability and efficiency for all cases.

Founded by Antonino Secchi, DMD, MS; CCO is the only comprehensive orthodontic system that addresses diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment delivery in a single, inclusive approach. The CCO emphasizes goal-directed treatment that ends in a pre-visualized result. This not only instills confidence in the practitioner for the patient, but it leads to a more efficient and higher quality outcome.

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