Programs - GCARE

Practice Growth & Management

In these challenging times, it is essential that every orthodontic practice focus on creating new levels of awareness, engagement and commitment with their existing patients, potential new patients and their medical/dental community. Because of the economy and increased competition in both the specialty and dental community, the passive approach to growing an orthodontic practice will no longer do.

That's why the GAC Clinical Alliance for Research and Education (GCARE) program offers several practice growth and management courses that will help you strategically invest your resources in your practice to focus on growth.

Practice Management

Find the perfect balance between providing the best care for your patients and being a small business owner.  Odds are that your formal business training is limited to a few classes in college. The truth is that even the most successful orthodontists ?nd it difficult to achieve the perfect balance between providing the best care for their patients and improving their business know-how.  It doesn’t have to be an either/or situation. You simply need the right tools to succeed.


Achieving success means facing contemporary challenges unique to
today's professional community. The days of a referred patient sitting in your chair and saying "When do we start?" have dramatically diminished. The conversion of a prospective patient to start treatment requires enhanced communication skills. Learn the tools to address and deliver definitive solutions to grow your practice.

Staff Development

Perhaps it’s a risky statement, but there is no topic, more neglected in the practice management industry, than staff development.  Teams both desire and deserve to be coached to new levels of success.  So what are you doing and how can you be more effective?

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