Programs - GCARE

Resident Transition

The GAC Clinical Alliance for Research and Education (GCARE), developed in conjunction with our university partners, will provide orthodontic residents with opportunities to explore new possibilities in orthodontics and build clinical competencies.

The GCARE team continues to work in partnership with university and hospital residency programs as well as the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) to develop new educational approaches and topics to enhance and improve the specialty of orthodontics.

Practice Transition

Orthodontic transition might be for the resident who is ready to purchase their own practice, a partner search for a practice that has grown beyond the scope of a solo practitioner, the acquisition of another office(s) or the spinning off of one or more satellites, or for retirement. Whatever the reason, to be successful you need a plan and direction.  The sale or purchase of a practice is probably one of the single-most important business decisions you will ever make, do not leave it up to chance.  The choices you make can determine your financial rewards for years to come.