DENTPSLY GAC Iberia Celebrates Third Reunion With CCO Universities

November 2015


On Saturday, October 3, Dentsply/GAC Iberia celebrated their third reunion with professors from 9 Universities that participate in the GCARE CCO University Program.  The guest speaker for this session was Dr. Celestino Nobrega, Program Director of Continuing Education, New York University and member of the CCO Development Council.

 Dr. Nobrega´s presentation focused on the of InOvation bracket and the reasons behind the CCO prescription.   After which, the participating University professors each had an opportunity to present a few of the cases under treatment within their programs.   It was a great morning session and we are looking forward to expanding the program for the new students starting in 2015/2016!


Dr. Celestino nobrega is the director of ORtOGEO, an orthodontics school with over 20 years of experience bringing scientific research and cutting-edge technology to professionals and patients. He completed his general dental training at Sao Paulo State University, Brazil, his certificate in Orthodontics in Rio de Janeiro State at Brazilian Dental Association and his Mastering of Dental Science in 1996. Dr. nobrega is an international speaker and has presented his research in countries like the United States, Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, UAE and Lebanon. He is currently leading a project of 19 biomechanical studies regarding the characteristics of the interactive self-ligating system. the research is based on friction and flexibility studies and the impact of low intensity laser and vibration therapy during orthodontic treatment.